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Kin, Rabbi Eliyahu
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Rabbi Eliyahu Kin

To contact Rabbi Eliyahu Kin please call 323-939-1895 .

All lectures by this Rabbi are available on MP3 format.   Each CD is only $3.00 including postage -
Call 323-931-8923

Sponsored by Said Refua
For a Refua Shleimo for Joseph & Nusrat Refua
Also sponsored by Mike Murphy
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70 Difficult Questions in Judaism
Life After Death
Torah Ohr. Org

Interpersonal Relations Lectures
In Memory of Mrs. Nasha Narod O"H

Misc. Lectures
In Memory of Dr. Charles Abbott ZT"L

In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Klein ZT"L
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Giel ZT"L
Middos - Good Character Traits
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Teichman ZT"L
13 Principles of Jewish Faith
In Memory of Mrs. Beverly Mann O"H
 Weekly Torah Portions
All weekly Torah portions sponsored by Mr. Chaim Manela
in memory of Mrs. Tova Manela O"H
 Mishlei - Proverbs
Mishlei is sponsored by Said Refua
For a Refua Shleimo for Joseph & Nusrat Refua
Challenges of the 21st Century
Taamei Hamitzvohs - Explanations of 613 Mitzvohs
In Memory of Mr. David Braverman ZT'L
Dovid B'zalel ben Lipa HaCohen
Derech Hashem
In Memory of Rabbi Rafael Rose ZT'L
Rafael Aaron Ben Binyomin Hakohan Rose ZT'L
Laws of Taruvos Given at Cong. Ohr HaHaim
For Complete Laws of Taruvos and Bosor B'Cholov in .mp3 format call 323-931-8923
In Memory of Mr. Henry Rechnitz ZT"L
Yitzchok Tzvi Ben Shlomo Rechnitz ZT"L
Laws of Shabbos
In Memory of Mr. Abraham Striks ZT"L
Avrohom Ben Dovid Striks ZT"L
Laws of Kashrus
In Memory of Mr. Hershel Berkowitz ZT"L
Laws of Family Purity
Dedicated in Memory of Baruch Chaim Nochum Ivshin ZT"L
Pirke Avot
Sefer Tehillim
Sponsored by Rochel Rivka Tanner for a Zechus for Hatzlacha and Brocha
Also for a Refuah Shlema for Yisroel Shapir Ben Ashea
Jewish Mysticism
Tanya Part 2 - Shaar Hayichud
Tanya Part 3 - Igeret Hat'shuvah