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Manela, Rabbi Zalman
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Rabbi Zalman Manela

Rabbi Zalman Manela, our director, received his Semicha from Yeshivath Ohr Elchonon in 1972 by Rav Simcha Wasserman ZT"L.
Rabbi Zalman Manela founded the Chevra Kadisha Mortuary in Los Angeles in 1976.
Rabbi Zalman Manela founded Pirchei Agudath Israel Youth Group in Los Angeles in 1967.
He has recorded over 10,000 shiurim, all available online for free on our website.
He has taught in Cong. Shaarei Tefillah, Jewish Learning Exchange, Yeshivath Toras Emes, Yeshivath Ohr Elchonon, Cheder of Los Angeles, Cong. Kesher L'Torah, and also Cong. Tifereth Tzvi.
He also has written two booklets "Laws of Mourning" (click here for booklet) and "A Guide to Blessings on Foods" (Click here for booklet).

All Torah lectures by Rabbi Zalman Manela are
In Memory of:

Mr. & Mrs Shimon Manela  ZT"L
Mrs. Tova Manela  O"H
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Fuchs  ZT"L

Rabbi Zalman Manela Lectures

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