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Mesechtos  (Rabbi Zalman Manela)  
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For only $25.00 you can dedicate a shiur in memory of your beloved ones.  
We will mention that we are learning today's shiur in memory of . . .

Mesechtos are sponsored by Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Tyner
and Rabbi & Mrs. Label Tyner
In Memory of Max & Helen Tyner Z"L

Any complete Mesechta is available on one CD MP3 format for $3.00 including postage
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Mesechta Brachos


Mesechta Shabbos

Mesechta Eruvin

Mesechta Pesachim

Mesechta Pesachim is sponsored by the Diller Family in Memory of Mr. Stanley Diller z"L

Mesechta Shekalim - Talmud Yerushalmi

Mesechta Beitzah

Mesechta Beitzah is sponsored in Memory of Dr. Eddie Zipperstein, Z"L

Mesechta Rosh Hashanah

Mesechta Rosh Hashanah is sponsored by the Klein Family in Memory of Mrs. Erika Klein O"H

Mesechta Yoma

Mesechta Yoma in Memory of Robert Schweitzer z"l

Mesechta Succah

Mesechta Succah in Memory of  Nathan Leon Neuton z"l and Eleanor Neuton O"H

Mesechta Ta'anis

Mesechta Megilah

Mesechta Moed Katan

Mesechta Chagigah

In Memory of Mr. Reuven Cyrulnik, ZT"L


Mesechta Yevamos

In Memory of Shimon Brody ZT"L

Mesechta Kesubos

In Memory of Max & Helen Tyner Z"L

Mesechta Nedarim

In Memory of Alex Friedman Z"L

Mesechta Nazir

Is Being Dedicated by the Rechnitz Family
In Memory of Mrs. Avagail Rechnitz O"H

Mesechta Sota

In Memory of Yisroel Eliezer Engel, Z"L

Mesechta Gittin

In Memory of Mrs. Helen Tyner, O"H

Mesechta Kiddushin

In Memory of Mrs Bessie Weiss O"H
Chaya Pesel Bas Yissochar Dov


Mesechta Baba Kamma

In Memory of Rabbi Shmuel Miller Z"L

Mesechta Baba Metzia

In Memory of Aaron & Malkeh Fuchs Z"L

Mesechta Baba Basra

Mesechta Baba Basra is sponsored by Mr. Chaim Manela
in Memory of Shimon & Hinda Manela O"H

Mesechta Sanhedrin

Mesechta Sanhedrin is sponsored by Shlomo & Kendra Fuchs
& California Construction Co.  818-980-2021
in Memory of Rita Granaada Hindela Bas Simcha O"H

Mesechta Makkos

Mesechta Shavuos

Mesechta Shavuos is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchok Berkowitz
in Memory of
Frecha Bas Avrohom Berkowitz
Mindel Bas Avrohom Messinger
Dovid Ben Boruch Messinger
Avrohom Ben Tzvi
Chaya Rochel Ben Yecheskel HaKohen
Sorah Bluma Bas Shlomo Yehudah
Yehudit Bas Ozer

Mesechta Avodah Zarah

Mesechta Avodah Zarah
in Memory of Mrs. Chana Frischman O"H

Mesechta Horiyos

Mesechta Eduyos


Mesechta Zevachim

In Memory of:  Mrs.  Daniella Casper O"H

Mesechta Menachos

In Memory of:  Mrs. Sonia Rosenberg O"H
                             Mrs. Ruth Fasman O"H
                             Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Lowy Z"L

Mesechta Chullin

In Memory of Mrs. Irene Litwin O"H

Mesechta Bechoros

In Memory of Mrs. Anne Samson O"H

Mesechta Erachin

Mesechta Temurah
Mesechta Temurah in Memory of Mr. Benjamin Sabo, Z"L

Mesechta Kereisos

Mesechta Kereisos donated by Mr. Steven Friedman & Family
in Memory of Sabina Friedman O"H
and Eve Renee Friedman O"H

Mesechta Tamid - Learn Meschta Tamid in only 2 hours!!

Mesechta Middos - Mishnayos

Mesechta Niddah -  Seder Teharos

In Memory of Mordechai Mayfrowitz Z"L  &  David Berry Z"L

Mesechtos Ketanos

Avos D'Rav Nosson Insights