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Daf Yomi in English  -   Rabbi Zalman Manela

Daf Yomi - Live Daf. Net

Daf Yomi. Org -  English by Rav Dovid Grossman

Daf Yomi Young Israel of Century City - English by Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom

Daily Gemara. Com - by Rabbi Eli Mansour in English

E-Daf.Com  -  English, Hebrew, Yiddish

Live Daf. Net  -  English, Kollel Toronto

My Shiur.Net - Daf Yomi in Hebrew - Rav Eliyahu Eliyahu

Orthodox Union  -  English, Rabbi M. Elefant

Real Clear Daf.Com

Shas Illuminated.Org

Various Mesechtos - by Rabbi Zalman Manela - Daf Yomi in English

YU Torah. Org

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Talmud Yerushalmi

Do you need to make a siyum?  Learn Meschta Kallah (under section Mesechta Ketanas) in one hour or Mesechta Tamid in 2 hours.